Service-Flow Subscription and Pricing

How to Subscribe?

  1. Create an account and subscribe Service-Flow SaaS*
  2. Connect endpoints
  3. Create integrations in Test Environment
  4. Move integrations to Production

*Currently accounts are created on-demand. Contact for account request.

Service-Flow Subscription

Service-Flow pricing consists of two components; Service-Flow Subscription and number of integrations or end-points (based on the chosen plan).

Basic principles

  • Integration or endpoint related fees are only applied from the production environment.
  • There are no limitations for entity types(processes) to use in an integration, or towards an endpoint
  • There are no limitations on the amount of user accounts for Service-Flow UI for a subscription 

Service-Flow SaaS Subscription

  • To be able to use Service-Flow, you need a subscription. Subscription fee is based on the customers company size (total number of employees*)
  • Subscription is always for 12 months at a time. Renewal is automatic, if customer does not cancel it 3 moths before the subscription renewal.
  • Subscription includes access to test and production environments. 
  • By subscribing, the customer is able to set up integrations and endpoints in the test environment-only integrations in Production environment are invoiced.
  • Subscription is invoiced immediately when the customer has an active account in Service-Flow environment. Customers can agree free trial period up to 3 months.

Subscription levels

By providing different Subscription levels, Service-Flow ensures that customers always have suitable capacity and related availability.

Subscription levelABCDEFG
Nr of employees<20002000-75007500-1500015000-2500025000-4000040000-6000060000-80000

*use of the service can be limited to certain department, location or function. 

Integration Fees and Integration Types

Available integration types

Integration fee or endpoint fee may vary based on the type.


  • Support for all service process (not limited to ITIL)


  • Support for real-time CMDB (Configuration Items, or similar) data synchronisation.

Trial Subscription

Trial subscription has the following limitations:

    • Only access to test environment included
    • Only one user account included
    • Only one endpoint included. 

With one endpoint and two or more entity types, user is able to test the functionalities of Service-Flow.

Trial access is by default valid for 30 days.


Service-Flow Subscription

Base fee for accessing and using Service-Flow service defined in Service Description. Fixed term for 12 months.

Integration FeesMonthly fee that is charged per integration or endpoint depending on the plan for all integrations in production environment. Integrations can be resigned on monthly basis.

Integration plan

Mechanism that decides how the customer is invoiced. Can be changed once a month.

Integration typeDefines what kind of data exchange is supported. Customers can be invoiced differently based on integration type.


Technical integration between two endpoints. Integration is seen to be present when a first routing rule between two endpoints is set to be active.


A tool or interface to a tool. Integrated system, for.ex. ITSM tool or service vendor

Entity type

Entity type is the component that is integrated from and to an endpoint. Other user terms; ticket type, process. (for.ex. Incident, change, request, request task)