Endpoint configuration includes all the information needed about the connected systems. To add a new endpoint, please contact experience@service-flow.com.

Endpoint variables

User managed variables

The following variables are editable from the UI.

  • Name
    • The name of the endpoint. This name is used in different functions i.e. rule editor and message view
  • Credentials to endpoint
    • These credentials are used with outbound message from Service-Flow.
  • Credentials to Service-Flow
    • These credentials are used with inbound message to Service-Flow.

Resetting the inbound password

The password for inbound to Service-Flow is securely stored in the Service-Flow database as a one-way hash. This means that there is no way for Service-Flow to provide this password in case it is lost. The password can be reset and recovered by clicking the Get new password button. When clicking the button, a new password is copied to your clipboard. To take the new password in use, Save button needs to be pressed.

Variables managed by Service-Flow Operations

In most of the endpoints, there are various parameters that can be altered. At the moment, these variables cannot be modified through the UI. Please contact experience@service-flow.com in case you need some of these modifications.

  • Entity types
  • ID field definitions
  • Attribute types (String, Datetime, etc.)
  • Inbound and outbound datetime patterns
  • Custom responses for inbound to Service-Flow
  • Attachment handling definitions