Message View

Message feed

Message feed is a real-time view of the message flow in your subscription. You are able to monitor the traffic and/or search for messages with a ticket ID.

  1. Message search functions
    • You can search for messages with the ID of the ticket. This ID can be any of the IDs included in the integration.
    • Only error responses. With option set to ON, the search results will only show messages that have ended up in error
  2. Message feed selection
    • With this selection, you can choose if the message view will automatically update
  3. Message timestamp
    • Timestamp when the inbound message has been received by Service-Flow
  4. Conversation view button
    • This link leads to the conversation view that this message belongs to.
  5. Inbound message / message received
  6. Rule applied
  7. Outbound message / message sent

Synchronous responses

Responses to the outbound messages are visible in the message feed. The result of the response is seen in the message that has originally sent the message out (1a & 2a). This shows if the message has been acknowledged successfully, or has it ended up in an error.   

It is possible to use a synchronous response the same way as an inbound message. This is the reason why the actual response is also seen in the message feed the same way that an inbound message (1b & 2b). If there is no rule that would match the response message, only the left column is populated.

Message details

When clicking the message line from the feed, the message details are shown.

On the left, the attributes of the inbound message are shown. Only the attributes that have a value are visible. Also, the current values of any conversation attribute that are set, are visible here.

Received message

If there is a need to see what was the actual message that was received from the sending system, you can open it from Show received message button.

Sent message

If there is a need to see what was the actual message that was sent out from Service-Flow, you can open it from Show sent message button.

You can also see what was the actual response received to the message.