Tool specific guides

In this section you can find instructions how to set up communications between a tool and Service-Flow. Please note that these are only guidelines, so you may alter some elements to suite your specific use. 

If you don't find a guide for your tool, or if you have any additional questions, please contact


Inbound to Service-Flow

For a tool to send messages to Service-Flow, the tool must have access to Service-Flow's IP addresses. Communication is only allowed over HTTPS and the endpoint must have a valid trusted certificate in use.

Outbound from Service-Flow

For Service-Flow to send messages to the integrated tool, tools interface must be reachable from Service-Flow's IP addresses. The preferred communication way is HTTPS with a trusted valid certificate. In test environment, self-signed certificates and HTTP can be used as well.

See also Securely connecting ITSM tool with Service-Flow to get guidance how to create a secure connection.