How to enable a Jira transition only for Service-Flow integration


In JIRA workflows possible transitions are often quite strictly defined and restricted for users. For example issues can be resolved only from certain statuses. Sometimes there is need to override these restrictions for updates coming through Service-Flow integration. If the ticket is resolved in the other integration end point, it might be desired to resolve the issue also in JIRA regardless of the current status.

This can be accomplished by adding a new transition which allows change to Resolved status from any other status. The new transition can be allowed only for the user used by Service-Flow integration.

Step-by-step guide


There are several ways to achieve the same end result. Below are steps for one possibility.

1. Create a new user Group in JIRA. Name it for example integration-users 

Create a new user Group


2. Add the user used by Service-Flow integration to the Group

Add Service-Flow integration user the Group

3. Create a transition into the workflow that allows change to status Resolved from Any Status.

4. Navigate to "Conditions" for the transition.

Create separate transition to Resolved status

5. Add a User is in a Group condition and select integration-users Group for it.

6. Publish the Workflow draft.

Now only users in the integration-users will see and be able to transition Issue from any status to Resolved while other users see and can execute only the other transition from In Progress to Resolved.

Add a condition to the transition



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