How to configure Efecte ITSM for integration with Service-Flow


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in Efecte ITSM to make it integration-ready with Service-Flow (S-F). Note also, that the amount of fields used in integrations might vary. The document also describes what S-F needs to be able to send messages to the Efecte ITSM instance.

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Inbound to Service-Flow

For a tool to send messages to Service-Flow, the tool must have access to Service-Flow's IP addresses. Communication is only allowed over HTTPS and the endpoint must have a valid trusted certificate in use.

Outbound from Service-Flow

For Service-Flow to send messages to the integrated tool, tools interface must be reachable from Service-Flow's IP addresses. The preferred communication way is HTTPS with a trusted valid certificate. In test environment, self-signed certificates and HTTP can be used as well.

See also Securely connecting ITSM tool with Service-Flow to get guidance how to create a secure connection.

Sending messages from Service-Flow to Efecte ITSM


  1. Efecte user with sufficient privileges to create and/or update the templates used and to the folder(s) used.
  2. Url to Efecte ITSM instance.

  3. Template code(s) used
  4. A custom field in (all) Efecte template(s) for storing external id, the ticket id from the integrated system.
  5. Any date fields integrated
    • If non-default date format pattern is used, it is needed
  6. Attribute code(s) of templates unique id fields 
  7. Attribute code(s) of attachment fields 

Sending messages from Efecte ITSM to Service-Flow 

Configure the source Efecte system to send updates to Service-Flow using the SendDataCardXmlToWebService listener.

Example listener
<template code="incident">
        <name>POST Send SOAP to Service-Flow</name>
        <trigger>post save</trigger>
			<source_conditions boolean="AND">
            <name>Send to Service-Flow Efecte ITSM Adapter</name>
                <name>Send to SOAP Service-Flow</name>
                    <name>Require changed data</name>


Id handling when creating a new entity to Efecte

Since Efecte's API is not providing Efecte's entity's id, Service-Flow handles the create message so that the id would be available. Technically Service-Flow will do a query to Efecte's API with the external id provided in the message after the create and fetches the id. There's nothing Service-Flow user need to do concerning this. It is an out-of-the-box feature.

Outbound attachment handling from Efecte 

The message from Efecte only provides the information, if the entity contains one or more attachments. According this information, Service-Flow fetches the attachments and includes them into the message to be relayed. There's also no information in the message whether the attachments in the message are added to the entity after the last update, or if they have been there prior to the update. Service-Flow keeps track of all the attachments in a certain entity so that only the new attachments are relayed forward. There's nothing Service-Flow user need to do concerning this. It is an out-of-the-box feature.