How to integrate Landesk with Service-Flow


The purpose of this document is to describe what needs to be done to integrate Landesk with Service-Flow. There's some work needed at both ends to make this happen.


Inbound to Service-Flow

For a tool to send messages to Service-Flow, the tool must have access to Service-Flow's IP addresses. Communication is only allowed over HTTPS and the endpoint must have a valid trusted certificate in use.

Outbound from Service-Flow

For Service-Flow to send messages to the integrated tool, tools interface must be reachable from Service-Flow's IP addresses. The preferred communication way is HTTPS with a trusted valid certificate. In test environment, self-signed certificates and HTTP can be used as well.

See also Securely connecting ITSM tool with Service-Flow to get guidance how to create a secure connection.

Sending messages from Landesk to Service-Flow

Landesk Web Services Wizard

Landesk has functionality to send SOAP messages to another systems. To be able to configure the message sending, you need to have a WSDL document available from a web URL. Service-Flow needs to produce this WSDL. S-F needs to know what XML elements are needed to be sent from Landesk, so first a list of field names is needed and then sent to S-F team. S-F will provide you with a URL to a WSDL file that can then be used in the Landesk Web Services wizard.

Sending attachments from Landesk

There are 2 different kinds of attachments in Landesk; embedded attachments and normal attachments. S-F supports getting them both. S-F currently supports receiving attachments only from incident and request tasks. It is possible to configure in S-F whether to download normal-, embedded attachments or both.

Normal attachments

When S-F gets a message from Landesk, it will get Task GUID from TaskGUID element in the SOAP message and use that to make a query to Landesk to get the GUIDs of the attachments that it should download. For the attachment download mechanism to work, these attachment GUIDs need to be placed in a field with name _AttachmentGUIDs. If there are multiple attachment, separate the GUIDs with a semicolon. S-F will download the attachments if it hasn't seen the GUID before.

For Incident module, attachments are downloaded from class IncidentManagement._AttachmentTask and for Request module from RequestManagement._AttachmentTask1.

Embedded attachment images

S-F supports getting embedded atttachment images from a single configured Landesk field.

Sending messages from Service-Flow to Landesk

Landesk URL and credentials

For S-F to send messages to Landesk, there are a couple of things that need to be communicated to S-F team:

  • Landesk URL: The URL looks something like this: 
  • Authentication credentials: These are used for S-F to operate against the Landesk WebAccess API


S-F can send only normal attachments to Landesk, embedded images are not supported.